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      TAIZHOU QUNFA INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.is a high-end equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and maintenance services. With advanced scientific and technological strength, strong resource advantages, perfect capital guarantee system and confidence in domestic and foreign markets, it is encouraged to become the backbone of the machine tool industry.

      Founded in 2003, we adhere to the concept of "learning in innovation, innovation in learning". After more than ten years of efforts, business has spread to Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Jiangxi and other first-and second-tier cities in most parts of the country, as well as Russia, Egypt and other countries.

      The company specializes in the development and production of dozens of equipment, such as hydraulic semi-automatic, numerical control semi-automatic, long feeding numerical control, water wheel machine tool, water meter shell special machine, rotary table machine tool, servo turntable, automatic upper and lower manipulator, AGV trolley, automatic counting machine, etc. It has perfect processing system and product quality testing means. With the concept of "high demand, high quality" to provide customers with quality services. Humanized management mode, specialized production, perfect testing means, international marketing mode, ensuring product quality and market operation, the advantages of mass distribution brand are gradually emerging.

      The company will be "sincere first, people-oriented, innovative management, service first" business philosophy, dedicated to the majority of new and old customers to provide professional, efficient collaborative services. Only with unity can we have strength, credibility can we survive, competition can provide opportunities, and struggle can we develop. All employees of the company are willing to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership with friends from all walks of life on the basis of symbiotic win-win and hand in hand.

      You only need one phone call. Let's do the rest!

      Acquaintance with us is the beginning of everything you can rest assured of...

      With the expansion of the company's business, offices will be set up in many cities throughout the country, closely linked with customers. Manufacture one-stop processing equipment and build an unmanned chemical plant. It is our tireless pursuit. Group hair automation, friends all over the world!